Caliber Automotive Ltd
16625 - 111 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5M 2S2
53.559380 -113.608127
4.98/5.00 average rating
378 reviews
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  Andy 12/09/2010
Very good Service
  Mike 12/09/2010
  Monika 12/02/2010
Great service and work ethic and very friendly staff. I can always count on you to make my day better. Thank you.
  Anonymous 12/02/2010
My husband and I would never take our car anywhere else. Mike, Marcie and the whole staff at Calibur are so friendly and professional, and most of all, trustworthy. Thank you for always taking such great care of Lola!
  Erwin 11/25/2010
  Wendy 11/22/2010
Have a Merry Christmas !!
  Eldon 11/18/2010
  Mike 11/07/2010
  Anonymous 11/01/2010
  Tnt 10/29/2010
  Anonymous 10/21/2010
Caliber Automotive is awesome!!! Great, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous.
  Bert 09/30/2010
  Chad 09/30/2010
  Bruce 09/23/2010
  Bill 09/19/2010
My first time getting you to look after my Accord (based on a lucky pick from the phone book.) You did a great job on the car and on ensuring that you cared about what you were doing. Thanks. Bill Adams P.S. I'm not sure about rating "The appearance of our shop?" I like "local garage" ambiance...
  Aaron 09/18/2010
  Mark 09/02/2010
  Wynne 09/02/2010
thank you for your great service, rare to find today. wynne
  Sheena 08/27/2010
I've already recommended you :) Thanks so much, you are now the only place we'll go!
  Shafee 08/12/2010
The results shows how well I think of your staff and Marcy is always so knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating (good listener,too. An area of improvement is for us to get to talk to (know)the mechanic that worked his/her magic on my car - building trust and confidence. shafee
  Danny 08/07/2010
  Joanne 07/29/2010
Great job you guys.
  Clarence 07/05/2010
  Anonymous 07/01/2010
  Ray 07/01/2010
Wonderful to meet with you and we will definitely keep you as our mechanic from this point on. The front end lady was totally professional and friendly and puts people at ease immediately. And, Mike, we appreciate your wonderful service PLUS a beautiful car wash and shining up! We will be back.
  Anonymous 07/01/2010
  Trace 06/24/2010
  Barb 06/22/2010
  Chris 06/02/2010
Exceeded my expectations as usual! Thank's again for the great service, it's always a pleasure to visit all of you too!
  Catherine 05/18/2010
The service was great and I felt like I got good value for my money.
  Ron 05/14/2010
  Vanessa 05/13/2010
Fabulous! And thank you for washing the van - you have no idea how much I love that!!!
  Mel 05/13/2010
  Vanessa 05/10/2010
Excellent as always! Thank you!
  Anonymous 05/06/2010
Thank God !! I finally found a shop run by friendly people I can trust. KK
  Keith 05/06/2010
Thank God !! I finally found a shop run by friendly people I can trust. KK
  Anonymous 05/06/2010
Professional,caring,great workmanship. Nice job!!!
  Phil 05/01/2010
  Bruce 04/29/2010
  Bruce 04/29/2010
  Al 04/29/2010
I suppose as a vehicle ages you get used to it, now it feels as if it's a new car. Thanks Al
  Ashley 04/15/2010
  Wynne 04/15/2010
thank you..
  Wynne 04/15/2010
Nice to work with people that know me and appreciate my buisness. Great job Mike. Wynne
  Barb 04/08/2010
The headlights are great .... hopefully they will stay still but this is the first trip we have taken that we could see the road and not have the truckers flashing their brights at us... THANK YOU !! Barb and the Zoocrew
  Anonymous 04/08/2010
  Siggi 04/01/2010
I never had never Problems with you, you know that Mike. I recommend your Shop and Work to everyone. Thank you! Siggi.
  Terry 03/29/2010
Thanks for everything. It's great knowing that Caliber is honest and ethical in business practices.
  Keven 03/25/2010
The service received was exceptional from Marcie through to Mike. Deep Thanks! Tami
  Vanessa 03/25/2010
Fantastic! Thank you!
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